Nature, Dreams, Sex, and Uncharted Territory?

Artist Eric Olson and psychotherapist Nicole Wiggins are hosting Formulary for a New Wildness, 90 minute group explorations into what it means to be wild, within ourselves and within contemporary culture. Sign up for a session at the Henry Art Gallery or the Frye Art Museum!

I was recently asked what element of the word “wild” I hope to share with the participants of Formulary for a New Wildness. On the surface, a number of things come to mind when we hear the word wild: nature, dreams, sex, and uncharted territory. In our day-to-day lives, there is a tendency to suppress the innate wildness within each of us. By diving deeper into our personal definitions of the term, as well as our curiosities and fears, I believe the sessions will create a space that inspires adventuring into the wild, whether that means being more open to connecting with new people or taking off into the woods for a month-long escape.


Note a participant left me at the end of the first session.

The first session of Formulary for a New Wildness was hosted in the Henry’s James Turrell Sky Space and proved to be a great start to an exciting series of group explorations. Participants were really engaged and willing to open themselves up to each other through activities and discussion topics. We explored what we mean when we say “not in your wildest dreams,” the boundaries of wildness, and potential dangers associated with confronting them. We were so wrapped up in conversation that the session flew by, leaving me thrilled and anxious to continue the exploration in a couple of weeks.

We finished the session by asking “how do you want to push your boundaries and be wilder in your life?”

Answers included:

exploring sensuality
“going all in”
taking extreme creative risks
pursuing deeper relationships
magic (witchy magick)
emotional exploration
wholeness and love

We all have something to gain by embracing wildness in our everyday lives.
-Eric Olson