In need of encouragement

I wake up feeling unmotivated and uninterested in anything PCT related. I take a free bus ride to a breakfast joint and eat by myself. I’m discouraged about the possibility of getting to Canada on time.

I finish my coffee and walk over to an arts and crafts fair taking place in a parking lot. Lots of pottery and photos of mountains. I go into a booth. Sections of tree bark and dried saguaro cactus has been partially carved to reveal eagles, Native American profiles, and feathers. Some of the natural bark texture remains. I like it. It is charming, very Americana, and has hand and soul. A real person made this, I think, when the artist, Scott Luchansky, comes over and says hello. We chit chat for a bit. I tell him that I’m thru hiking the PCT but feeling down about it.


Then I get the best trail magic yet. Encouragement. He and his wife tease and joke with me. They are generous with their time and tell me that if I don’t finish, they’ll be really disappointed. I tell Scott that when I finish, I’m going to buy one of his pieces as a present to myself. He tells me that when I finish, I have to call him and he’ll make a special piece just for me!