Kennedy Meadows

We wake up late. It’s 7am. I did a bad job resupplying this section. I brought mostly candy. I’m not in the mood for it this morning, but I’m hungry. I make some green tea and eat some cookies.

This is my last official day in the desert! After 700 miles, I can’t wait to be done with it.

As a last F*U* from the desert, the day is filled with large burn areas, loose sand, and PUDs. Why can’t I walk any faster? I play music over my phone for a while, but run out of power.

After 15 miles, I reach the south fork of the Kern River. It’s the first actual body of water I’ve encountered. I strip off my sweaty clothes and get in. The water soothes my feet and clears my head. I lie there for 15 minutes until I’m shivering and then let the sun dry me.


I dress and finish the last 4 miles as fast as I can. I pass the 700 Mile mark, then the trail register, and then I see the Kennedy Meadows General Store.


Stealth is right behind me. As we approach the porch of the general store, we are greeted by applause and whoops from all of the hikers hanging out on the porch.

I made it!