Fast Break to Ashland

Gizmo, Dirtnap, me, and Pac Man

Gizmo, Dirtnap, me, and Pac Man

I’ve decided to head north to Ashland while the rest of Team Whiskers (we’re curious like cats – meeeoorw) will continue to Route 101 on the coast and then ride to Portland. Hopefully we’ll meet up again in Cascade Locks. We pack our bags and bikes and head to a donut shop. My name, 3D, could easily be short for donuts! donuts! donuts!


After three donuts and a few cups of coffee, I say goodbye and head out into the stifling heat. I ride to Redding, find a place that makes fresh juice and have two kale, celery, cucumber, parsley and lemon juices and stay the night in a motel room complete with dead bugs on the window sill, stained bumpy carpet, and gum stuck to the headboard. To sweeten the image, the DOT is doing major nighttime construction directly in front the hotel. I should have slept in the woods.

From Redding I head to Weed. In the morning, I ride past the Greyhound station… scratch that, Greyhound shack. Almost on cue, a bus pulls up headed to Medford, OR. I hop on.